Fleur de LIS 19


From heaven to earth the spirit of Fleur de Lis 19 flowed through the divine flow of creative inspiration to seek expression in magnifying the Will of ONE.
This ancient symbol that is embedded in the collective consciousness of mankind holds vibrations that are filled with the source of Unity to open portals of creative awareness to re-invent cycles of destiny for Fleur de Lis 19 to sit in harmony in your business of home environment.

“Universe takes ACTion pro-Creation IS”

tetkaART is a Way of Life


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Fleur de Lis 19 by Tetka Rhu as a hand-knotted carpet

  • simulation size: 151 x 228 cm
  • quality: 100 knots
  • material: wool
  • colors in use: 15
  • making time: around 14 weeks

Note: This is a simulated version of the carpet. You can also lay down this carpet in our given set of rooms as well as in your own room. Once you finalize your required carpet size, this can be made – it will take about 14-18 weeks to complete. Then it will be shipped to your address.

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